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How to Find the "Right" Wedding Planner

In my nearly twenty years in the wedding industry, I have served hundreds of couples. Throughout each event, I have learned things about myself and the type of clients that I want to serve. Working through different personalities, perspectives, and processes, I have identified the ideal clients who best work with our team so that you know if we're the best fit as your wedding planner.

It's important that each of our couples has a stellar planning experience, regardless of their style or personality. I've spent countless hours perfecting our procedures and immense attention to detail. So, as any meticulous planner would, I did my research by asking previous couples with whom we shared a great bond about their opinion of working with Kelly Kennedy Wedding & Events.

Sarasota Wedding Planner Kelly Kennedy Events

Let me tell you, this gave me so much validation! Hearing similar feedback from each client provided valuable insight into why we worked so well together so that I can continue to provide consistent levels of service to all of our clients. I received some of the same reviews, including:

• Easy process

• Easy going

• Family oriented

• Not stuffy

• Down to earth

• “Let’s be friends”

• Super organized

• Always had an answer

• Extremely kind

• Honest and upfront

• Felt comfortable

• Didn’t come across as business-y, but had a lot of structure

• Not judgmental

• Passionate

I loved working with each of these couples, and hearing their reviews made me realize why we connected so easily.

They trusted me. They allowed me to guide them through the process. They were great at communicating. They were friendly, and I felt comfortable with them. They asked questions and trusted that if I didn’t know the answer immediately, I would find out for them. They allowed me to be a part of their families and create relationships with them. They were able to relax on their wedding day, knowing that I had it all covered and it would create a magical day for them, which allowed their families to also relax and trust our team.

They respected my knowledge in the industry and believed me when I made suggestions against what their idea was. It wasn’t to deter them away from their idea, but if I knew it wasn’t realistic, they understood that and allowed me to come up with a solution.

They loved design as much as I do and were as excited about the details. They allowed me to present design options that took them a little outside of what they originally expected, and they loved the end product. Design is my passion and a huge part of my love for this job! I welcome being challenged with new ideas, new concepts, and new color palettes. It's important that my couples care about the aesthetics because it allows their wedding to be customized to them. Even if I am not doing full design for my couples, I love it when they ask for my input because this allows the overall style to reflect who they are as a couple.

If you’re reading this and considering me as your planner, know that I want our process together to be memorable, enjoyable, and fun, and I want to be someone you fully trust to create a beautiful and memorable wedding day for you, your family, and your guests!


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