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A Wedding Redo after Hurricane Irma Interferes

When living in Florida, you never know what the weather is going to do. Especially during the summer; one minute the sun is shining and 5 minutes later we have a torrential downpour. The only type of weather we can somewhat predict a few days/weeks in advance is a hurricane. Although Hurricane Irma took her own path than what was forecast, Florida still suffered from her aftermath. In the Sunshine State, wedding season pretty much ends in the beginning of May and picks back up in October....there are a few reasons for this: weather, humidity, bugs and hurricanes. Let it be known, Hurricane season starts in June and ends in yes, there is a slight chance of hurricanes in October and November, but very unlikely. Now that you've had your Florida weather lesson, let me tell you the story of Ian and Grace. The wedding was planned for September 16, 2017 in Ian's parents backyard which also happened to be directly on the Manatee River. The home, being directly on the river, was also in an evacuation zone. Ian and Grace packed up all of their wedding items and headed out of town not sure what they were going to see once they returned home. The hurricane came through out town on September 10, 2017, It left destruction, no power and uncertainty of what the future of Ian and Grace's wedding held. After some discussion and weighing out the pro's and con's (like Grace's families flights being cancelled, no power at the house and a lot of yard waste to pick up) they decided to postpone the wedding.

Now, the silver lining; they kept their honeymoon plans and traveled to Italy where they decided TO GET MARRIED!!! I mean, come on, how awesome is that? Getting married in Italy is a once in a lifetime event! Ian took the reigns and planned a very intimate ceremony on the balcony of their suite. He hired a planner and gave special instructions on the importance of the small details that Grace had originally planned for the wedding at home. It was so perfect.

Ian and Grace displayed their honeymoon/wedding pictures at their Wedding Celebration that took place on February 24, 2018. A lot of the details that was originally planned where present at this celebration. Although we scaled down the celebration from what the original wedding was going to be; it was still absolutely stunning and so worth sharing with everyone. Enjoy!

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