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The Hunt is Over - Rustic Barn Wedding

This beautiful March wedding was held at Rafter J Ranch Barn in Parrish, FL. In the Sunshine State, we are dealt with wishy-washy weather pretty much year round with mother nature dealing us only a few minimal months of good weather. March is definitely one of those gorgeous months of crisp air, minimal rain and low humidity! Set with surroundings of mature trees and a beautiful cedar barn, Raegan and Hunter became husband and wife on March 11, 2017 with weather in the high 70's. Their "Hunt is Over" themed wedding played out by adding details of rustic charm paired with good 'ol country elements.

Raegan wanted tradition mixed with non-tradition and she accomplished that by giving her guest the amazing treat of having a wedding cake as well as amazing Dutch-made pies. Miller's Dutch Kitchen, a local homemade-style restaurant, provided 16 delicious pies - peanut butter, chocolate, key lime and banana to name a few! I'm a sucker for peanut butter pies, especially from Miller's, so I may have gotten myself a slice and enjoyed every bite! Enjoy the pictures!

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