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#Gingyandcurly Wedding. {August 2016}

#Gingyandcurly, also known as Jordan (a ginger) and Mackenzie (curly hair), said their vows in a traditional church ceremony with a guest list reaching up to 800 people. Now, did that many people attend the ceremony, we aren't sure, but we were prepared for that many! This couple, who also happens to by my little brother and new sister-in-law, have a special place in so many lives that the size of their guest list isn't too much of a surprise to those who know them.

Their love story is beautifully written and their love was so present during the repeating of their vows. I was also 32 weeks pregnant so my emotions were a little of control and I had a hard time keeping it together during the ceremony - not quite ugly crying, but definitely a makeup touch up.

This wedding was planned in 4 months!!! It was a lot of work! I can't even begin to count how many list I had going of different things we had to do, people we had to talk to, ideas we had to make come to life. And everything turned out perfectly...minus the air not working at the AUGUST!!!. Unfortunately that wasn't something that I could snap my fingers at to work, it was a lightning strike to the AC (again, it was August and in Florida, we get those crazy storms). But, it was for a short amount of time and even this preggo got through the heat (which was a little intensified because of the big belly and raging hormones - hence the crying).

Following the ceremony, all the wedding guest attended a dessert reception in the church gym. Jordan and Mackenzie wanted to include everyone into their special day and this was one way that they could make that happen. They included the ceremonial cake cutting into this reception and then everyone indulged in some homemade deliciousness. Friends and family of Mackenzie provided all of the desserts, including the cake! Mackenzie's favorite dessert is cookies, so we made sure to have one table designated for cookies (and milk). It was so fun and the guest enjoyed themselves, and the desserts.

Following the dessert reception, we had planned a smaller and more intimate reception for family and some of their closest friends. Jordan and Mackenzie still wanted a traditional wedding reception, and so we made sure they got that. Trying to keep the budget realistic, we got creative all the way around. For appetizers, a popcorn bar and simple finger foods. For dinner - Chic-fil-a!!!! This is totally Jordan and Mackenzie's style - yummy and super simple. The catering team from Chic-fil-a were great to work with and we loved their special touch they added in the sauces (gingy , curly).

The Dj was great, the dance floor was hardly empty. I even included a picture of me, with the belly, my husband and my dancing-machine son.

One reoccuring trend I saw in the pictures I looked through was how much love was captured throughout the long day. I ended the picture collage with this picture of the newlyweds. It perfectly portrays their deep love for one another. I love the way he is gently touching her back and kissing her. They are perfectly in love and I am overjoyed with their union.

Wedding Planner - Kelly Kennedy;

Photographer - Ben Johnson;

Flowers - Kings Wholesale Flowers (Brides flower crown made by Rachel Berube with Kings Wholesale)

DJ - More Than Music, Ed Robinson

Church & Dessert Reception- First Baptist Church of Palmetto

Reception - Women's Club of Palmetto

Catering - Chic-fil-a

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