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Why hire a wedding or event planner?

I once had a bride tell me that she had a conversation with a friend, regarding the friends wedding that had just passed, and my bride asked her friend if there was anything that she regretted after the fact. She told my bride that she wished she had hired a wedding planner because she was so stressed out on her wedding day. She thought she could take care of greeting vendors, setting up and making sure everything was done - on top of getting ready, herself. Shortly after that conversation, I booked that bride for my services. I promise you, hiring a wedding planner is the best investment you will make while planning your wedding. The movie "The Wedding Planner" portrays this career as somewhat true and somewhat fictional. As we all want to be J-Lo playing opposite Matthew McConaughey, there are far more details that go into planning a wedding then wearing a head set and sporting around a fanny pack with all the essentials. Although, there shouldn't ever be a wedding planner without an emergency kit, who really wears one around their waste? Anyway, back to expressing why it is so important to hire a wedding planner....

I have been in many consultations where we are reviewing details and I hear the bride or groom say "oh, I didn't think about that". Those words always confirm to me that they did the right thing by hiring me.....I have the experience and have 'been there, done that' and always feel confident in my answers to my clients.

Not only is a wedding planner going to take control of contacting vendors and figuring out their wants and needs, we implement those wants and needs into the timeline and then send those out to all the vendors just prior to the wedding day. Because we all know the "wedding talk" we can get through a phone conversation or email in no time at all because we know what we are to expect from each other. We also help with the design and assist in putting the style together. Thanks to Pinterest, weddings now-a-days are filled with so much detail, and this site is such a great resource to help create an absolutely beautiful wedding. It's also great for the DIY bride! However, looking through all of Pinterest's ideas, can be truly overwhelming. And again, having a wedding planner can be beneficial to the bride and groom as we can go through all of the pins to pull a design plan together and what is needed to be done order in to accomplish this design plan.

Another major plus to hiring a wedding planner is...the actual wedding day...the bride/groom/MOB, etc, actually get to enjoy the day while we, the wedding planner(s), take control of the day and make sure that all vendors are showing up on the agreed upon time per the timeline, all the product and decor is correct, the small details (place cards, extra decor) are taken care of and placed where agreed upon. It's all of these small little details that take a decent amount of time to complete. Why? Because all of these details are going to be documented by the photographer and will probably be the way you remember what your wedding looked like because honestly, you won't remember a whole lot on your wedding day.

During the wedding, we are constantly checking with the vendors to make sure they know the next event on the timeline. By doing this, everything runs smoothly. Just by going up to the DJ (or band) and asking them to make an announcement regarding "such and such", we are able to communicate with the wedding guests so they also know what is going on or what to expect next. Everyone always seems to want to know what is going on - they appreciate that.

Our job is to take all of the stress off of the bride and groom. That is the most important thing to me - to ensure that they truly enjoy their special day and don't have to worry about anything!

So basically, our job is to literally do everything for the bride and groom. Whether we are hired for full service planning or weeks out from the wedding - it is our due diligence to provide the best service to our clients and to gather all possible information to ensure a flawless wedding day!


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